On September 16, 2006, the new NAEYC Accreditation Standards went into effect. Since that time, Judy Carnahan-Webb of Creative Trainers and Consultants has worked and consulted with many ECE centers to help them in their efforts towards NAEYC accreditation in the NEW ERA.

Since 2006, Judy has attended trainings at the national NAEYC Conferences and NAEYC Professional Development Institute Conferences, S.E.C.A. Regional Conferences, Texas AEYC State Conferences and has acted as the local Houston Area AEYC and NAEYC Accreditation Chairperson. Over the years she has worked diligently with ECE programs to help them in building a stronger team of teachers, administrators, and families to improve the quality of their early childhood education program and help them achieve and maintain their NAEYC Accreditation.

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Our areas of expertise include training and consulting for:

Annual Reports

Steps and Requirements in the New System

Enrolling in Self-Study

Becoming an Applicant and Applying Process

Becoming a Candidate

Meeting Standards 1-10 the Program Standards

80% Satisfactory Performance on Each Standard
70% Satisfactory Performance on Classroom Standards

Required Criteria
Always Assessed Criteria Identified
Randomly Selected Criteria Identified
Emerging Practice Criteria

Classroom Portfolios and Program Portfolios

All programs Judy has consulted and assisted have passed and have become NAEYC ACCREDITED IN THE NEW ERA

Judy has worked with the programs going through RENEWAL or Re-Accreditation and all have been RENEWED FOR ANOTHER 5 YEARS.